Debut album out on February 21st

“My music is the spiritual expression of what I am – my faith,

my knowledge, my being.

When you begin to see the possibilties of music, you desire to do something really good for people,

to help humanity free itself from its hangups. I want to speak to their soul.”

John Coltrane


As we all struggle with our own day-to-day problems, a sense of compassion and community becomes ever more important. The Kobe Trio are a fraternity, a guild of individuals with a shared love and purpose. To explore and share improvised instrumental music in a hamlet with those looking to explore the unknown, bring people together and take part in the music.



“I think life is really hard sometimes. It's not easy to wake up every day and go through what you go through. But the beautiful moments that you share with people that you love, or even experience alone, are worth all of the pain and sorrow. Those moments should be cherished, and I think taht's what music is all about- to remind people of the beautiful moments that are in everybody's life.”

Charlie Haden


The Trio, along with Wilde on occasion, have performed throughout the north-west of Ireland, including multiple times at the esteemed Sligo Jazz Project, the amazing Cairde Arts Festival as well as the oustanding Carrick Water Music Festival. This is project slowly gaining some real momentum, looking to spread the love and joy of improvising with any and all willing to listen.


“We're all in it together”

Ari Herstand


The Trio are just out of the studio having recorded their debut album, with special guest Ciaran Wilde on saxophone, all four musicians are tremendously capable musicians, providing a highly cinematic listening experience, full of roiling seas and shifting skies. (?)

The ensemble have concocted a collection of some beautiful soundscapes, weaving their original compositions and intertwining them integraly into their solos.

Each musician has brought out the finest in each other, together working in an ambiant meditative place while leaving plenty of room for improvised antics. Their energetic ostinatos blended with expansive harmonies provide the back-drop to rich solos.


The quality of the studio recordings adding to the charm of this lovingly molded album. Moving between trio and quartet line-ups, between angular and elegant, grabbing the listener's attention. Carswell's bass playing meanders and glues each groove while Schmaucks simmers beneath with an array of percussive textures. Murphy's harmonies bloom dreamily with huge depth and Wilde's alto tone both supple and robust as he arpegiates through flowing solos.


Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy piano tutor. Mark has performed in rock, folk and jazz settings with many bands including The Bughouse band, Perry Blake, The Bill Stewart Quintet, That 70’s Band, Jive Turkey and The Honey Bees. and most recently a founding member of The Kobe Trio. Mark has also frequently performed as a solo artist. Mark also holds an honours degree specialising in jazz performance from Newpark College in Dublin.

Jaimie Carswell

Jaimie Carswell is the founder and director of the Irish National Clown Orchestra of Ireland. As a bass player he has performed with Christy Moore, Duke Special, and Steve Wickham as well as the jazz groups Shankar Urwell Trio and tRiot with Finnish pianist Juhani Snellman. He also plays bass with the Craic Addicts, The Mass Band, and American soul artist Mirenda Rosenberg. 

Con Schmaucks

Con was born and grew up in Dublin. He recently graduated from Newpark Music Centre with an honours B.A. in Jazz Performance and has settled in Sligo, teaching and playing in various groups such as Mr T and the Biscuits and The Curlybobs.

Con discovered music at a very young age and has tried his hand at numerous instruments including piano, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and finally settled on the drums. This instrument has led to a life long passion. Con has studied numerous styles and forms of music with such greats as Adam Nussbaum, Kevin Brady, Conor and Ronan Guilfoyle, Phil Ware, and Dr. Stephen Davis. These world class musicians have inspired and stoked a fire in everyone who crosses their path, musician and student alike including Con.



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Feb 21, 2020

Anderson's Bar and Grill

The Kobe Trio Debut Album Launch

We finally got there! We're launching our debut album in Anderson's bar and grill on February 21st from 6-8pm, support from the fantastic Conor Bastible and Stephen O'Dowd. Adm. free, donations welcome.

Jul 25, 2019

Lyons Cafe , Sligo

The Sligo Jazz Project

So thrilled to be taking part in this year's Sligo Jazz Project.Lyons Cafe, 3pm. Adm. free.

Jul 10, 2019

The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim

The Trio are thrilled to be involved in this fantastic festival with very special guest Ciaran Wilde on saxophone.

Doors 7:30, tickets €16

Jul 08, 2019

Osta Cafe Garavogue Weir View Sligo, Ireland. 5pm

The Kobe Trio are delighted to be invited back to this fantastic festival. We'll be joined by the incredibly talented Ciaran Wilde on saxophone.

5 pm, adm. free

Feb 03, 2019

1:00 PM

The Model, Sligo

The Kobe Trio play the Informal Afternoon in Model Sligo. Adm. free

Jul 11, 2018

Yeats Building, Hyde Bridge, 6pm

Cairde Arts Festival

The Kobe Trio are delighted to be performing alongside some truly creative artists such as Stephen James Smith, Alice Lyons and An Tara.

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